Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We’ll review the website, analyze the effectiveness of the "keywords" used, assess the level of the target audience engagement, and note any problems. We’ll then recommend changes to the website, which will help increase traffic from the target user community.

SEO is a complex process as shown in the graphic below. We manage these issues and assist you by focusing on the part you can impact. Search engines deliver results based on the content entered in the search area, as well as related information based on the search engine's algorithms. We will assist you in applying the following principles to your website, in order to ensure the best results for those searching for your content:

Search Engine Optimization
  • Avoid popular or common text and text from other websites
  • Use keyword phrases emphasizing the uniqueness of your website
  • Use text that answers common search questions
  • Use naturally flowing text especially on the home page
  • Optimize your page loads
  • Add videos or engaging slideshows to attract visitors 
  • Add metadata to pictures for Google capture
  • More than 200 words per page is OK if complemented with media
  • Provide a site map to assist search engines
  • Change content on the website regularly

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