Why Apps?

In 2008 Apple introduced the App Store, and with that event a new world of digital publication and distribution was born. According to Forbes magazine, today there are over 9 million apps available to users around the world. In 2022, according to Statista, a total of 255 billion apps were downloaded worldwide. Apps have proliferated because they are convenient and downloadable to the user’s device enabling use off-line wherever the user may go. Although normally apps do not contain the range of information provided by a website, they do offer a powerful digital publishing platform delivering app creator’s content to their target audience. Using apps to distribute content provides:

  • Always available user access to app content
  • Off-line app sharing via Bluetooth or memory stick
  • Cost effective digital publication and distribution of content
  • A platform purpose built to look great on mobile phones
  • Ease in navigation with intuitive touch-based access to content
  • Rapid loading yielding an enhanced user experience
  • A literacy development tool when audio and text are integrated
  • A portal to access related content on the web
  • Security to the user via distribution through Google Play store

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