Why Websites

Why Build a Website when Social Media is Available?


Social media is a powerful marketing tool that needs to be part of any strategy to reach a target audience. It should be used to direct users to a website. That website should be the heart of your online strategy, complementing and filling the voids in your social media presence. Only a website provides complete control over design in contrast to the social media look-alike pages that offer limited content and lots of distracting ads. With your own website you can establish a unique identity and provide exclusive access to all your content. That access is via PCs, laptops and mobile devices and is online, downloadable, and shareable offline.

When paired together, your website and social media platforms are complementary parts of a digital publishing strategy. They work to help make your content easily accessible by your target audience.


Website Strengths

• Providing access to all your content
• Connecting social media contacts with your content
• Discovering your content online
• Promoting your content in the digital world
• Establishing credibility for your content
• Providing data on effectiveness of content

Social Media Strengths

• Providing access to all your content
• Connecting with your target audience
• Establishing your content’s identity
• Promoting use of your content
• Reaching new audiences
• Serving as a gateway to your website


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